How to Teach English to Young Learners

When asked if it is difficult to teach English, some may answer that it is like teaching any other subject, while some may argue that it depends on the type of learners that you have. Some may even say that it’s difficult no matter how old your learners are. In truth, it may be a combination of everything. Teaching is a constant learning experience, and there is no one strategy or a strict set of rules in teaching the language.

But when you teach English to young learners, however, the rules may shift a bit. For instance, considering the age and level of the learners, you can’t just ask them to read a text and execute the teaching process as you would when teaching adult learners, or at least high school students.

The effort in teaching English is doubled if you choose to do it abroad, like what many teachers are already doing today. Having a teaching career abroad is a very lucrative choice, especially since there are a lot of non-native English speaking countries which are already starting to succumb to the global demand to learn English fluently.

If you opt to teach English abroad, the number of things to consider are increased. For one thing, you will have to adjust the strategies and approaches you know in a way that would be applicable to a foreign audience. Also, the learners are not the only ones who will have to do the adjusting, but you too. You will have to learn the culture of the country, and the discrepancies in both the first and second language. Naturally, you will also have to adjust to the life of living abroad. In teaching English abroad, you have to be physically and mentally adjusted to be able to execute successful classes.

Plus when you are planning aulas de inglês particulares to teach English to young learners, always remember that constantly catching their attention is one of the most important things. No matter how good your lesson is on paper, if you won’t be able to execute it properly because your students aren’t paying attention, it will be useless.

So if you think that you are already equipped with sufficient knowledge about the English language, you should now stack up more on strategies, games, and approaches on how to teach it to a young audience. Once you’ve figured out how to do all these, lesson retention would be easier and you will have made great English lessons every meeting.