Bee and Wasp Control Needs to Start Soon

Since bees are attracted to fresh water,Guest Posting cover up any pool or pond you have and make sure that puddles don’t linger on your pathways.

Never try to deal with a bee hive or wasp nest on your own, always phone your local Environmental Health department or the equivalent and keep the curious away from the Wasp nest removal location until you have removal organised. Your local council will have a department which deals specifically with pests and if it is a bee hive you’ve found, there is usually a local bee controller or beekeeper who will be happy to collect it.

Wasp nests are always poisoned, the method of applying the poison being to puff it into the nest late in the evening when all the wasps are in for the night. It actually takes very little powder to be effective, the next day the wasps which have not yet been overcome will trail the poison throughout the nest. Don’t try puffing insecticide into a nest yourself. The wasp nest is more fragile than tissue and if you blow too hard you will suddenly be surrounded by a cloud of very angry wasps. It may sound cruel to deal with an insect this way but anyone who has seen how aggressive a wasp can be, and then it releases a feromone which attracts more angry wasps, will understand. You don’t want to be tolerant with wasps, sorry.

Repellant Approach

Clip-On Bug RepellentBug repellents work by masking your natural odors that attract bees and other insects to you. Though repellents are typically used to ward of mosquitoes, they are also effective at repelling bees and bee control. If you don’t like the smell or sticky feeling of a spray-on repellent, a clip-on repellent is an excellent alternative to consider. Simply clip one onto your clothing while spending time outdoors.

Brown Paper BagsBees are incredibly territorial and by nature will attack anything that comes near their hives. Because of this, bees typically will avoid enemy hives, or what they perceive to be an enemy hive in fear of being attacked. Blow up a few brown paper bags and tie them off. Hang them around areas you want to keep bees away from. Though this method isn’t always perfect, it can help discourage bees from coming close to you as they will see the bags and be fooled into thinking you are surrounded by hives of another colony.